Boo … Another Invasive Plant …


Its large, somewhat waxy leaves are yellow-green.  Fast-growing, this one plant more than six feet across.

It also is know as half-flower …


Please do not confuse this invader with our native, beach dune plant, inkberry (Scaevola plumieri).  This plant is smaller in stature, has dark green succulent leaves, and is listed as a threatened species …  It is pictured below growing in Archie Carr National Wildlife Refuge …


It, too, has a half-flower …


This plant only occurs on our beach dunes, while the invasive species colonizes the beach, as well as elsewhere …


This invasive pest plant, pictured above in the dune at Archie Carr National Wildlife Refuge, still is for sale.  Please do not plant it in your landscape.

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  1. This Scaevola taccada Naupaka was quite large. The leaves themselves were up to 8″ long flowers small for this size plant. Was treated and will be revisited at another date by ORCA volunteers

  2. Our HOA planted this Half-flower on our beach cross over! I am now in the process of removing it. I shared the information about invasives and had a good response.

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