Black Saturday at Pelican Island NWR

Centennial Trail at Pelican Island National Wildlife Refuge (PINWR) is where Nancy Soucy – assisted By Ken Gonyo – led a wonderful walk on 11-30-2013, Black Saturday. As always, Nancy did a stellar job of sharing the special history of PINWR …
Ken picture is pictured below just before the group of 13 began to traverse the overlook to Pelican Island with planks that, in chronological order, name each refuge, its creation date, and state, leading up to the top and PINWR, our first refuge, created in 1903 by Theodore Roosevelt.
Marvelous mangroves line the Island itself and the banks of the ‘mainland’ Refuge …
The view to the east includes this tidal creek …
Saltbush (Baccharis halimifolia) still was snowy white from above amongst the cabbage palms (Sabal palmetto) …
Historic PINWR is a wonderful place to bring visitors. Nancy & Ken promise to lead more walks there in 2014 – for more folks to enjoy …

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