Regal & fertile

Add royal fern (Osmunda regalis) to the rich fern flora at the Oslo Riverfront Conservation Area. Most ferns hold their spores on the bottom of their leaves, but this genus devotes an entire frond just to its spores, pictured here.
A few royal ferns – all fertile – were spotted off the ‘beaten path’ in the moist northwest part of the preserve, where volunteers Diane LaRue and Ken Gonyo took Janice Broda to look for invasive pest plants. This is the first time that this lovely, twice pinnate fern has been found at the preserve …
A special fern walk for ORCA volunteers to this area that is not open to public access will be offered soon.

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  1. would love to visit the fern area. I had a ball with judy when her and I went to see the “fern forest” at ORCA after her class a few years ago. I think this may be the same are you are talking about. I always admire ferns on my hikes, but have not put too much effort into learning their names since my brain is no longer taking new admissions very well!!! lol… Nancy

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