Nonpareils (plants) For Easter ?

!melanthera-nivea---single-flowerYou may be familiar with the yummy chocolate candies called nonpareils. Nonpareil plant is an alternative common name for snow squarestem (Melanthera nivea).

Its scientific name also refers to its coloration: melanthera refers to its black anthers, and nivea means snow white. The growth habit of this plant can be quite variable. Volunteer Doug Sutherland photographed it on our Sunday walk at Captain Forster Preserve on 3/16/14 …
Melanthera nivea @cfp by Doug Sutherland
We saw it last year at the Maritime Hammock in Brevard County take the form of a low-growing mat in sunny, dry places …
… as well as an upright form in wetter spots …
Its rough foliage is quite distinctive …
It reportedly can be grown easily from seed …
Also known as salt & pepper plant, this lovely wildflower is quite attractive to butterflies, bees, and other pollinators. Tolerant of a wide variety of conditions, this wonderful wildflower – with multiple common names – would serve us well as a landscape plant.

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