Marvelous Marsh Pink

Marsh pink is one the common names of Sabatia grandiflora, one of the wonderful wildflowers that we saw today at Pelican Island National Wildlife Refuge on a walk led by Ken Gonyo. Large-flowered rose gentian and large-flowered sabatia are other common names for this member of the Gentian family (Gentianaceae).

Note the distinctive yellow star outlined in red in the center Ff this five-petaled flower, as well as the twisted green ovary and yellow stigma and style. The color of the flowers vary from nearly white to pink to lavender. Flowers last for a few days.
This annual spring wildflower has linear leaves that grow to be up to two feet tall. It usually is a plant of moist places, “marshes”, and has been seen on the mosquito control impoundment dikes at Pelican Island National Wildlife Refuge and Round Island Park.

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