Spring? wildflowers

monarda punctata by k schuster copy
Dotted bee balm (Monarda punctata) supposedly is a late summer – early fall wildflower but, nonetheless, one individual was photographed by Karen Schuster on 4/27/2014 at Pelican Island National Wildlife Refuge when we visited with Ken Gonyo (Class of 2012) as our leader …
Also seen was coral honeysuckle (Lonicera sempervirens), a winter-flowering vine …
Marsh pink (Sabatia grandiflora) is flowering at the ‘expected’ time in this photograph sent by Nancy Soucy
Sabatia - Rosegentian/Marsh Pink
Very attractive to butterflies of all sizes, scorpion tail (Heliotropium angiospermum) flowers throughout the year and was photographed by Karen Schuster …
!heliotropium by k schuster copy
Beautiful breezes, wonderful wildflowers, and great historical interpretation by Ken Gonyo were enjoyed by all, including Carol Cummings pictured here at one of the PINWR kiosks …
!carol cummings at piwnr copy

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