Oh Boy! Scouts

!!6-7-2014 sam kieefer copy
Sam Keiffer, pictured above, began his Eagle Scout project at the south Oslo Riverfront Conservation Area on Saturday, 6/7. The Boy Scouts re-painted the educational kiosk and will be installing new interpretive information & new plexiglas …
!!6-7-2014 jane schnee & others copy
Tools and treats were ready for re-clearing the east loop trail …
!!6-7-2014 sorca sign & setup copy
Many thanks to the adult volunteers who helped out: Susan Keiffer, especially, and Gayle Lafferty, Vicki Martin, Diane Morgan, Jane Schnee, Barbara Tilney, Susan Warmer, and John Warner …
¡¡6-7-2014 eagle scout sorca group photo copySpecial thanks to John Warner for going home to get his chainsaw when the Scouts’ chainsaw wouldn’t work, pictured here with his chainsaw, Diane Morgan, and Richard Baker …
!!john warner - diane morgan & rhba copy
Sam also plans to construct 2 additional benches. Once his project is complete, we will schedule a walk to enjoy this newly cleared trail, directional signs, updated kiosk, and new seating …
!!IMG_2546 copy
If you want to try out the ‘new’ trail beforehand, go east at the kiosk.

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