Wonderous Wildflowers

!eupatorium & flaveria by Nancy Soucy copy
Nancy Soucy (Class of 2011) sent this beautiful photograph of lateflowering thoroughwort (Eupatorium serotinum) and yellowtop (Flaveria linearis) at Sebastian Inlet State Park. She also recommends Pelican Island National Wildlife Refuge for wildflower viewing.

Nancy will lead a special fall wildflower walk at Toni Robinson Wetland Trail on November 1 at 1:30pm for folks who have taken the Florida Medical Entomology Laboratory – Pelican Island Audubon Society volunteer class. She is pictured below when she led a winter walk for this group this winter on March 8 …
The Toni Robinson Wetland Trail features a scenic dock on the Indian River Lagoon, shown here with John Warner (Class of 2013) providing scale …

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