Florida Wildflower Symposium 2014 – Part One

A wonderful learning experience in a stunning setting …

Range Tracking

The Florida Wildflower Foundation held their 2014 symposium at Bok Tower Gardens in Lake Wales, Florida, on 19 & 20 September. Here starts a gallery of random photos from the two day event that will continue in future posts. We start with a view of the iconic Bok Tower itself whose construction and surrounding garden layout from the 1920s transports one to a different age and frame of mind. Bok Tower Gardens currently is undergoing a lot of construction to modernize and make the place more children friendly. Hopefully they won’t build away the charm that the original planners envisioned—because it looks like they might if things don’t work out.
Symposium participants tour the Florida’s Rare and Endangered Native Plant Collection & National Collection Beds.
Etonia Rosemary (Conradina etonia)
Florida Goldenrod (Chrysopsis floridana)
Bromeliads hanging from fishing line make for an unexpectedly attractive display.
Happily, the…

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