Red Rhus

Shining sumac (Rhus copallinum) at the south Oslo Riverfront Conservation Area is flourishing after last winter’s roller-chopping. Above it is pictured in the firebreak that runs along the north side of the DOT ditch that bisects the property.

This non-poinsonous member of the Anacaridaceae (cashew) family that includes poison ivy (Toxicodendron radcians) is also known as winged sumac for the winged rachis (central stem) of its odd-pinnate compound leaves …

Copious fall fruits are consumed by birds and other wildlife, and its fall-winter color is quite dramatic. This plant does sucker, as seen here last week in the gardens at Bok Tower growing along with beautyberry (Callicarpa americana).
For sunny and dry locations, this small deciduous tree can be an excellent addition to attract wildlife to your landscape.

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