Yummy yellow slime mold

yellow mycelium by Ken Gonyo copy
Ken Gonyo (Class of 2012) sent this yummy yellow slime mold (Physarum polycephalum) photo taken at Oslo Riverfront Conservation Area. This slime mold is a single cell with many, many nuclei, and Ken photographed it at its prettiest moment. It reportedly will harden up & resemble dog vomit.

Special thanks to Dr. Jay Barnhart, pictured below, for the ID and for his wonderful What Fungus is Among Us? workshops for our volunteer group in spring and fall of 2014. Please note the mushroom in his hand …

jay barnhart 2013 copy

Dr. Barnhart will lead a walk at the Maritime Hammock, a Brevard County nature preserve accessed at 6200 South Highway A1A, Melbourne Beach for the the (Brevard) Barrier Island Sanctuary and Education Center (BIC) on Saturday, January 3, 2015. Call BiC to express your interest at 321-723-3556 …

Walkin’ Wil Jones (Class of 2013) led a walk for us there in 2013 …
!IMG_0040 copy

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