South ORCA Scrub Walk 020715

Bob Montanaro gave a great talk about the Florida scrub jay and other birds that frequent the scrub before the pictured walk.

Range Tracking

Photos from the FMEL-ORCA conservation stewardship class walk through the overgrown South ORCA scrub on Saturday afternoon, 7 February 2015. I did not hold out much hope of seeing birds, which kept the class focus on the plants, but was happily surprised to see this Black Vulture (Coragyps atratus [Coragyps, “raven vulture” in Greek; stratus, dressed for mourning]) perched atop a dead tree trunk. Note the gaping hole in the trunk, most likely caused by a Woodpecker cavity rotting out.
The class heads down Oslo Road toward the South ORCA trailhead. The Oslo Road boat ramp and the Indian River Lagoon are far down at the end of the road.
Hiking through the scrub.
A Turkey Vulture (Cathartes aura [Cathartes, Latin from Greek, purifier of its surroundings; aura, gold, golden]) wings by overhead.
The late afternoon Sun gave a fiery glow for…

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