First class in (Pelican Island) Audubon (Society) House


The Audubon House received its certificate of occupancy on Friday, 2-27-2015. The first class was held there on Saturday, 2-28-2015, the final class of the 2015 Florida Medical Entomology Laboratory (FMEL) – Pelican Island Audubon Society (PIAS) volunteer nature stewardship class. In attendance were Bob Bruce, Marylyn Crank, Carol Cummings, Paula Eifler, Irene Eva-Ries, Deb Farley, Don Farley, Judith Filipich, Ken Gonyo, Donna Halleran, Ellie Klebonis, Trich Kruza, Diane LaRue, Sheila Mahan, Michael McCallion, Marlene McGonigle, Karen Naples, Mary Oakley, Sand Oswald, Felicity Rask, Sally Sager, Karen Schuster, Joyce Thompson, and Susan Warmer.

Invasive pest plants, a huge problem in the natural area around the Audubon House, were the first topic.

Veteran volunteer Diane LaRue then spoke about volunteer efforts to control the invasive pest plants at the Oslo Riverfront Conservation Area.


FMEL Assistant Professor Nathan Burkett-Cadena spoke about feedback loops: intertwined relationships between birds and mosquitoes.


Treasure Coast Beekeepers President Michelle Petersen gave a talk titled Going Native! The Buzz about Native Bees.


Veteran volunteer Ken Gonyo spoke about opportunities to volunteer to control invasive pest plants and co-lead nature walks at the Oslo Riverfront Conservation Area.


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