Galled Myrcianthes

The leaves of a very few of the simpsons stoppers that we saw on our walk at the Captain Forester Preserve were curiously pock marked — likely the work of a gall midge that remains unnamed but was reported as a ‘special record’ in the March – April issue of Tri-ology, the newsletter of the Florida Department of Agriculture, Division of Plant Industry. This newsletter chronicles the results of nursery inspections, as well as requests for identifications of pests and plants from the general public.

This plant also is called nakedwood stopper and twinberry stopper. The common name simpsons stopper honors Charles Torrey Simpson, who in 1916 in his self-published book Ornamental Gardening in Florida wrote: “Mankind everywhere has an insane desire to waste and destroy the good and beautiful things this nature has lavished upon him”. Fortunately, the stupendous stands of simpsons stopper at Captain Forester Preserve have been preserved for future generations to enjoy. Yes, there are some large simpsons stopper at the Oslo Riverfront Conservation Area, too.


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