Loving that Lupine

Nancy Soucy (Class of 2010) is shown above photographing sky-blue lupine (Lupinus diffusus) at the south Oslo Riverfront Conservation Area on the group walk that followed her scrub-jay banding talk at the Audubon House on 3/7/2015.

Sky blue lupine is flowering gloriously near the south ORCA bridge …



At North Sebastian Conservation Area, we did not find sky blue lupine in bloom but saw evidence of prior flowering – young seedlings …


At south ORCA, we also saw … a few individuals of a marvelous tiny milkwort (Polygala nana) …


… and lots of large-flowered false rosemary (Conradina grandiflora) …


A grand time was had by the group …


Thanks to Nancy Soucy for her scrub-jay talk and for photographing me photographing the sky blue lupine …

!!janice & lupinus diffusus copy

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