Sunday Scrub Walk at Archbold

Your Red-headed woodpecker photos are amazing – given how far away we were!

Range Tracking

A small group of Oslo Riverfront Conservation Area (ORCA) volunteers paid a Sunday visit to the Archbold Biological Station near the exotically named town of Venus that lies up along the Lake Wales Ridge that runs down central Florida. Established in 1941, the Station owns 8,840-acres of relict sandy dunes, scrub habitat, pine flatwoods, and a small lake. The Station’s stated goal is to research “population ecology and conservation biology, emphasizing ecological changes over local and regional scales, and demographic shifts in ecologically sensitive species” with an emphasis on the Florida scrub. This first view is of the fire-dependent scrub and, yes, it was very hot out there. Much hotter than a day in late March should be.
The tour leader was Dr. Mark Deyrup, a research biologist at Archbold who specializes in insect ecology. Pictured clockwise from extreme left: Janice Broda, Karen Schuster, Dr. Deyrup, Diane LaRue, hidden behind…

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