First-Ever Planting Day at Audubon House: 5-23-2015

!!Karen Naples & Steve Goff copy
Dan Farley, Judith Fillipich, Steve Goff, Judy Gersony, Darlene Halliday, Donna Halleran, Gayle Lafferty, Trich Kruza, Mike McCallion, Doreen McLoed, Karen & Neil Naples, Susan Russell, and Glenn Schussler tended the recently installed landscape at Audubon House, re-locating plants and installing additional native plants. Heartfelt thanks to Reva Brugnoli, Judy Gersony, Judith Fillipich, Trich Kruza, Robin Pelensky, Susan Russell, Glenn Schussler, and Susan Warmer for plant donations. Many of these plants still need to be planted, and much work remains to be done, so we will have many more planting days to grow the landscape.

Giant leather ferns (Acrostichum danaeifolium) were re-planted to low areas of the dry retention pond, and coontie (Zamia floridana) donated by landscape architect Robin Pelensky, Surlaterre Landscape Architecture, red maple (Acer rubrum) and magnolia (Magnolia grandiflora) donated by Glenn Schussler, and varied wetland plants donated by Judy Gersony were installed in this area.
!!Glenn Schussler - leather fern copy
!!Mike McCallion copy
!!Donna Halloran & Judy Gersony copy
!!Dan Farely copy
Lots of wildflowers – after copious weeding – were installed in the wildflower garden that was planted as part of the 3-14-2015 wildflower workshop sponsored by Pelican Island Audubon Society and the Eugenia Chapter of the Florida Native Plant Society.
!!Dorene McLoed & Gayle Lafferty copy
!!Judith fillipich copy
!!Susan Russell - Gayle Lafferty - Doreen McLoed - Darlene Halliday3 copy
Grass was removed, and a new wildflower bed was planted adjacent to the Oslo Riverfront Conservation Area volunteer office door.
!!Karen & Neil Naples copy

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