Pollination ‘cuts’ both ways

bee on scaevola taccada copy
A Fathers’ Day field trip to Prange Island compliments of Joe Carroll (Class of Fall 1998) began with a look at an invasive pest plant, Beach naupaka (Scaevola taccada), being pollinated by a European honeybee. This plant has ‘volunteered’ upland of the mangrove fringe at Oslo Riverfront Conservation Area, as well, and was treated by Ken Gonyo (Class of 2012).
scaeviolda taccada copy
Amazing that this invasive plant ‘found’ its way to a (mostly) natural island in the Indian River Lagoon just a bit south of the Alma Lee Loy (17th Street) Bridge and that pollinators have ‘visited’ it there. The natural part of this island purchased for conservation by Indian River County is full of tropical natives but, on the edges and spoiled upon places, grow plants from other other places.

Beach naupaka is not very deep-rooted and was vanquished by Bob Bruce (Class of 2012) …
scaevola beong pulled by bob bruce copy
… which brought a smile of temporary triumph …
scaevola w happy bob bruce copy
Other invasive pest plants are plentiful where spoil was placed, including this seaside hibiscus (Talipariti tiliaceum) shown at the mangrove edge with very dappled Captain Joe & Bob …
Be careful what you plant: It may end up pollinated and elsewhere.

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