Re-planting Salvaged Plants

!!richard baker copy
Pelican Island Audubon Society President surveys the area to the west of the Audubon House driveway where he, Desha Baker, Judith Fillipich, Steve Goff, Arthur ‘Stinky’ Requate, and Jean ‘JJ’ Romano have just finished installing the plants salvaged from the Audubon House site more than one year ago. Thanks to everyone who installed the plants and mulched them.

Special thanks to JJ for watering and mothering the salvaged plants for many, many months.
!!jj romano copy
You can see Steve & Judith in the background working on the air potato (Dioscorea bulbifera), which threatens to overtake the planting area. Air potato beetles are only one tool in an integrated pest management (IPM) program to work to control this pest — along with hand-digging the bulbils (underground reproductive structures) and herbicide treatments.
!!steve goff
Special thanks to Steve for keeping everlastingly at it (the air potatoes).

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