Lovely Liatris & Fall Flowers

liatris at sorca1 by kg
Yet another sure sign of Florida fall is the flowering of blazing star (Liatris gracilis), also known as graceful liatris and slender gayfeather. Ken Gonyo sent the photos above and below of this deciduous wildflower flowering profusely in the scrub at the Oslo Riverfront Conservation Area.
liatris at sorca1 by kg2
This beautiful wildflower blooms from October to early November. Its spectacular long spikes of numerous tiny star-shaped give rise to the common name blazing star…
In the later fall wind disperses its seeds …
In the springtime a basal rosette of thin leaves emerges, shown below along with shiny silk grass (Pityopsis graminifolia)…
Spikes of flower buds emerge in the late summer and flower in the late fall, completing the cycle of life…

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