Gorgeous gopher tortoises


Dr. Jon Moore, Professor of Biology, Florida Atlantic University, gave a great presentation about his 15 years of gopher tortoise research at the 1/23/16 volunteer nature stewardship class. Silk grass (Pityopsis gramifolia) pictured above is one of their favorite foods.

Right after class, Kim Wall (Class of 2016) shared this photo of a gopher tortoise at the beach in Riomar taken in 2015 …

gopher toritoise at riomar by kim wall

Gopher tortoises, Dr. Moore, pointed out are found in new (beach) and old (scrub) sunny places.

Lani York (Class of 2016) sent this photo of a young gopher tortoise that she took on 1/26/2016 at the North Sebastian Conservation Area in the fine “sugar” sand of vintage scrub …

gopher tortoise baby by lani york

Dr. Moore talked about the relic populations of gopher tortoise at Oslo Riverfront Conservation Area, where fire has long been suppressed. Ken Gonyo (Class of 2012) took this photo below at ORCA of a gopher tortoise hiding in a cabbage palm (Sabal palmetto) trunk.

!!!!orca gopher tortoise by Ken Gonyo

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