Throw(Way)Back Thursday

Botany workshop led by Nancy Coile in Boathouse & field - 2000It’s November of 2000, and Dr. Nancy Coile is teaching a basic botany class in the Boathouse of the Florida Medical Entomology Laboratory (FMEL). This photograph is the oldest photograph from the FMEL – Pelican Island Audubon volunteer nature stewardship class.

botany w coile 2000 #3 How swiftly technology changes! Way (throw) back then, digital cameras were in their “infancy”, and no one had a phone that a camera. Digital photo quality was low.

Can you identify – in this tiny, grainy photo – Dr. Richard Baker, Barbara Soumar (Class of Winter 1999) & Joe Carroll (Class of Fall 1998) ?

botany w coile 2000Can you also find below, all from the very first class in the fall of 1998), Sally Gore, Maria Titherington, Martha Willoughby, Sherry Shipley plus Allan McCarthy, who leads the invasive plant control field crew from the Institute of Regional Conservation now at work at the Oslo Riverfront Conservation Area)?

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