Throwback to 2005


















Sister storms — Hurricane Frances (9-5-2004) and Hurricane Jeanne (9-26-2004) — devastated the canopy at the Oslo Riverfront Conservation Area, shown above and below at the beginning of 2005.
Volunteers worked diligently to respond to the surge in vines and invasive pest plants wrought by the increased sunlight, including Martha Willoughby & Dick Atkinson …
… John Kennedy, Marta Kendrick, Joel Day & Peter Sutherland …
… Tom Keen, Marta Kendrick, Peter Sutherland & John Kennedy …
… Sharon Millington, John Kennedy, Marta Kendrick & Sue Richardson …
… Sharon Millington, Janice Broda & Alice Rowe …
… Peter Sutherland, Sharon Millington & Steve Goff  …
Peter Sutherland admirably “models” how much caesarweed (Urena lobata) proliferated …
Many thanks to these veteran volunteers who saw to it that the invasive plants were not left unchecked.

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