Animals of ORCA

The Oslo Riverfront Conservation Area being conservation land, one would expect wildlife to be on the property.  And, boy, is there!  And lots of it.  Although most of it seems to be made up of an army of very cute raccoons that will be featured in a future post.

Pelican Island Audubon Society recently acquired a motion activated Bushnell trail camera with night vision that has opened up a whole new world of wildlife observations at ORCA.  Posted below are a sampling of images, many of them taken around Audubon House located at ORCA.


A giant flock of Robins descended on ORCA last week, with many of them stopping over to drink and bath in the Audubon House pollinator garden fountain.


A Black Racer slithers by the pond in the Audubon House pollinator garden.


A White-winged Dove contemplating the low water level in the pond, which has since been filled up.


Squirrels frequently quench their thirst at the pond during the day.


An Eastern Cottontail rabbit visiting the rain garden in the middle of the night.  The camera’s infrared night vision does not seem to disturb the wildlife.


Another Eastern Cottontail.  This time in the pollinator garden seen with night vision.


An Armadillo makes a late night investigation of the culvert in the Audubon House retention pond.


The Opossum is Florida’s only marsupial, which means they are a mammal with a pouch for carrying around young.  This one seemed to be all by itself.


Another Opossum exiting the rain garden in the retention pond at Audubon House.

Watch for more posts of ORCA wildlife in the future.  Next up, our friend the Raccoon!

View Species Profiles of Fish and Wildlife in Florida provided by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

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