Raccoon Candid Camera

Audubon House, specifically the pond in the pollinator garden, is a big draw for raccoons.  We could tell they were coming to the pond in big numbers but we never realized how important the pond was to the raccoons until we put out the trail camera to catch their daily visits.


The raccoons spend a large amount of time quenching their thirst at what must be one  of the few accessible freshwater resources available to them in the ORCA area.


They can also be seen in the woods behind Audubon House.


But it is always back to the pond that they eventually end up at.


Video we have taken show they will lap up the water for a minute or more while often times going in to wade around.  They also like to bring things to the pond to wash and have muddied up the water considerably.


A family of raccoons at the pond.


Lots of young ones this time of year.


The pond is also a place to relax and do a little grooming.




One of ORCA’s many wild residents heads back into the woods.

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  1. Amazing what is going on behind the scenes without one ever knowing it. Perhaps a panther will amble up for a drink? Felicity Rask >

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